The new 6.5m yacht XT21 is a middleweight crossover boat. Designed and built to handle all towboat activities makes it an ideal multipurpose watersports tender, the boatbuilder claims.

Mastercraft Boats UK has announced that the new 6.5m XT21 superyacht tender MasterCraft X21 will be launched for the European market at the Dusseldorf Boat Show. Positioned between the new XT23 and XT20, the US boatbuilder claims the 6.5m XT21 is a middleweight crossover boat.

MasterCraft says its crossover range has been developed to suit the widest possible range of watersports needs, whether that be wakeboarding, waterskiing, wakesurfing, towsports or tubing. The ability to handle all towboat activities makes it an ideal multipurpose watersports tender, the boatbuilder claims.

The all-new hull on the XT21 delivers responsive handling with minimum bow rise and improves performance in every on-water activity, from massive wakes, to endless waves and smooth skiing.

In addition, the Gen 2 Surf System has been custom designed for the new hull to create three zones of perfectly sculpted lips and sizeable curling surf waves.

The company also notes that touch-screen controls help inexperienced drivers to create the desired wake or waves and consistent speed.

The boat also features DockStar Handling System, an new flanking rudder system that enables boat drivers of any ability level to confidently drive in reverse and more easily navigate tight docks and crowded marinas.

The XT21 includes a choice of easy-lifting customisable towers, speaker layouts and vertical storage options.

The exterior of the XT21 can also be completely customised thanks to a broadened palette of gel coat and flake colour patterns.

Bespoke service

The team at MasterCraft Boats UK will assess the space and position available for the tender. The bespoke service also includes a number of lifting options tailored to meet the widest possible range of requirements.

‘The custom install of the Yanmar 8LV diesel engine has been a driving factor in the growing popularity of MasterCraft boats as dedicated watersports tenders on larger superyachts,” says Michael Hardicker, MD of MasterCraft Boats UK.

“We’re consistently able to show that diesel power is every bit as good as petrol for sports boats. It gives all the advantages of economy, durability and reliability, with no loss of power.

“Being able to easily refuel while at sea is a real advantage for many captains and is a significant benefit to superyachts spending long periods of time offshore.” He concludes.