Australian boatbuilder Corsair Marine unveils the render of Corsair 760, a new trimaran design developed to replace the Dash 750 MKII.

Trimaran manufacturer Corsair Marine has presented the render of Corsair 760 a new trimaran design. The model has been developed to replace the Dash 750 MKII.

Commenting on the announcement Shane Grover, Corsair Marine sales manager, says: “The Dash 750 has seen it all. From weekend racing to offshore passages the 750 has put a smile on owners faces all over the world. By staying true to Corsair DNA but updating the styling and platform, the new Corsair 760 will offer sailors the same capabilities but with more speed, safety and style.”

The development of the new model sees Perus Yacht Designs working again with the boatbuilder. The studio was brought back after a successful design programme on the Pulse 600 project.

Working in collaboration with Romain Scolari and Jonas Hertwig on engineering and interior design, the trio is already well into the project with the first set of plugs already into production.

Corsair says the new model will offer owners more comfort, whilst also offering gains in performance and safety.

The catamaran builder highlights that larger volume floats with reverse bows and a low centre of buoyancy has offered a 15% increase in righting moment and a 2.5° reduction in heel at comparable wind speeds. The lower rocker design will also reduce pitching and hobby horsing.

“All these features will offer significant performance gains but do not come at the sacrifice of safety, in fact with the larger righting moments and ultra modern float design the safety factor is significantly increased,” Corsair says in a statement.

First hulls of the new Corsair 760 are set to be launched in October this year.