Poland’s municipality of Darlowo has launched a tender to build a new marina on the shores of the Polish Baltic. The facility, which will provide berthing for at least 70 yachts, is to be built at a cost of PLN 4m (US$1.3m).

Bids for the Darlowo contract are to be submitted by April 23, 2012, the municipality said in a statement. Each bidder has to pay a deposit of some PLN 20,000 (US$6,500).

Construction of the new marina is expected to be completed by November 2012, according to local authorities. The latest investment will be performed by the Darlowo Port Authority (ZPD), which is owned by the Polish municipality.

The project in Darlowo has secured a grant from the European Union’s Regional Development Fund. Under the plan, the EU will cover about 40 per cent of the investment.

Located in the country’s northwestern region of Zachodniopomorskie, the Polish municipality has a population of slightly over 14,000. The Darlowo project is part of the planned network of 17 marinas in the region, the Zachodniopomorskie Sailing Trail.