DMS says its new AntiRoll fin stabiliser will dampen a boat’s motions at any speed and at anchor

Dynamic Marine Systems (DMS), a Dutch maker of yacht stabilisers, says it will soon launch a fin system that will dampen a boat’s motions at any speed and at anchor.

Its first AntiRoll All-In-One Fin System is to go on the transom of a 15m (49ft) Elling E4 yacht in November.

“That coincides with the METSTRADE Show,” DMS marketing director Patrick Noor told IBI at the start of the HISWA In-Water Boat Show in Lelystad, just outside of Amsterdam. “At METSTRADE we’ll show the engineering that has gone into the new system.”

Founded six years ago, DMS markets stabilisers for yachts up to and including superyachts. Its products include the electric, rotary roll-damping MagnusMaster for slow-speed boats, a dual-axis fin system for planing craft, and now the AntiRoll all-in-one fin stabiliser.

Initial renderings of the latter show a compact transom-mounted unit with fins in different positions depending on the speed of a boat.

“The problem in stabilising boats is that not a single system can handle motion damping at different speeds as well as at anchor,” says Noor. “Our all-in-one system combines all modes.”

DMS has sold 125 systems to date and has an order book of 159 stabilising systems. This year it appointed a managing director for the German market.