New Stratlock range provides versatility in modular design

Fastmount's SL-F15A rapid-fit female

Fastmount’s SL-F15A rapid-fit female

New Zealand-based Fastmount has developed a heavy-duty hidden panel mounting solution for installing large interior panels onto aluminium or steel extrusion framework.

A purpose-built system, the Stratlock range claims to be the only product on the market that provides versatility in modular design and adjustable panel installation, thanks to its patent-pending dual locking function. It was designed in collaboration with Poliform Contract Italy.

The screw or adhesive-fix male (SL-M15) features a double-detent shank which locks into the teeth of the rapid-fit female (SL-F15A or SL-F15B) in the aluminium frame. Upon first click, the panel is supported, with a 10mm adjustable tolerance to find the correct panel position. The second click then locks the panel into position, secured with a 10kg pull-out load per clip set, making the system ideal for heavy decorative panels.

Fastmount worked with Poliform Contract, their framework manufacturer, and Fastmount distributor Promotech Italia over an 18-month period. “This ensured that we were hitting all the right points – from a design and manufacture perspective as well as an end user perspective,” says Fastmount MD Gregg Kelly.

“We had to create something that would lock panels into place, but provide flexible installation; be rapid to install but extremely robust. We are confident that the Stratlock Range will reduce installation time for large-scale interior fitout projects,” he adds.

Fastmount showed the first protoypes of the range at last year’s METSTRADE Show to gauge how the superyacht industry would respond to this solution originally created for the architectural industry. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting a trend towards more streamlined construction processes, and an increase in the use of aluminium framework in superyacht interiors.