Singapore-based freight transport company, the Transliner Group, has launched a new yacht transport service linking Hong Kong and Phuket.

Called the Monsoon Route, the service enables Hong Kong-based yachts to be safely moved to Phuket for the autumn and winter seasons. The first leg departure, Hong Kong to Phuket, is set to be on or close to 20 October 2018. The return date will be in April 2019.

“The launch of the Monsoon Route is a wonderful step for TransLiner Yachts, and an initiative of which we are very proud,” says PR Sreenivas, chairman of the Transliner Group. “Safe transport is the hallmark of our group. We have a full decade of ship and yacht handling experience within Transliner, meaning that we have enormous expertise in transporting owners’ assets.”

Sreenivas, a yachting enthusiast himself, assures owners: “You can be completely confident when entrusting your sailing or motor yacht to us. Our safety protocols and high-standards of care, will mean that your yacht arrives in good shape, ready for you to be able to enjoy your holidays in the peace and tranquility of Phuket.”

Jean-Jacques Lavigne, head of yacht transportation for Transliner Yachts, who is based in Singapore, adds: “With the Monsoon Route, our objective is to create more connections for sailors and boaters across the cruising regions in Asia. Sailing from Hong Kong to Phuket is a long and potentially hazardous journey that many powerboats and sailing yachts are unwilling to undertake – but Phuket is a must-go destination for all yachts, especially during the Festive Season. By developing this service, we offer convenience and affordability to enthusiastic boat owners who really want to make full use of their yachts.”

Darren Catterall, a well-known member of the Hong Kong yachting community and himself a yacht transport professional, is newly appointed as Transliner Yachts’ agent for Hong Kong and the Pearl River Region. “A great deal of effort has been made to ensure that the Monsoon Route is as price-attractive and simple as possible,” he says. “We are charging fixed rates that are entirely transparent and inclusive of insurance costs.”

Other routes are also available across the region, through each of the Transliner Group offices in Asia. The Transliner Group as a Singapore-based company that developed out of the 2008 establishment of Transliner Pte Ltd.

Transliner offices are located across Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Transliner is a member of the Singapore Logistics Association, and the Freight Forwarder Network.