Bilgeaway claims to be the world’s first truly environmentally-friendly bilge discharge filter

Described as the world’s first truly environmentally-friendly bilge discharge filter, River Canal Rescue’s Bilgeaway uses a non-toxic solution to extract hydrocarbon contaminants such as petrol, diesel or engine oil from water and render them non-reactive.

The eco-friendly contents are then left in a cartridge that can be disposed of and the housing re-used.

Bilgeaway is capable of removing hydrocarbons to less than three parts per million (ppm) and doesn’t exceed five ppm. Both 10in or 20in filters are available in plastic, chrome and stainless steel (the latter two for larger cruisers and yachts) and prices start at around £150 for the filter and £35 for the cartridge.

River Canal Rescue recommends filter cartridges are replaced annually or twice yearly if the vessel is heavily-used.

Simple to install and intended for use with a conventional bilge pump, Bilgeaway works with any current bilge system. When used with a high-pressure pump, the flow rate is significantly higher. It comes with a three-year warranty.