Erin Motor has completed the production of a marine engine after 10 years of R&D

Istanbul-based Erin Motor has completed the production of a marine engine after a 10-year research and development phase.

The newly launched engine is suitable for boats from 7m-10m – particularly sightseeing and fishing boats – as the engine is capable of idling at low speeds of 600 rpm.

On the local market, some of the engine’s key advantages are its price point and availability of spare parts. The engine is said to be 25% cheaper than other brands of similar quality and fuel consumption is low.

Ersin Şahin, general manager of Erin Motor, says: “We are planning to create an international brand from a local brand. In today’s world, no brand can grow by only targeting local markets. That’s why we target global markets and we are planning to diversify our production line for different power needs.”

This engine is said to be the first Turkish marine engine with a completely unique design. It has been produced entirely in-house, except for the fuel pumps and injectors which are from Bosch and gears from local company Baysan Marine.

The production of the engine was supported by the Turkish Ministry of Industry under the government’s techno-investment support program. Cost of production was nearly US$4m, including research and development. In terms of support, Erin Motor received 30% of total expenses from the Ministry.

Erin Motor is a subsidiary of Şahin Metal, which has operated in the automotive industry since 1989 and produces metal components for brands such as Daimler, Porsche and Mercedes.