The Ion Power Basic is a suitable alternative to conventional lead-acid batteries


Long Life Lithium-Ion batteries from WhisperPower

Dutch power and propulsion specialist WhisperPower has introduced its latest Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, the Ion Power Basic. Designed as a suitable alternative to the conventional lead-acid battery, it has a lifespan that is up to three times longer. It is also 50% lighter and more compact, and 100% of its capacity can be used instead of just 30%-50%. Furthermore, capacity loss in cold environments is minimal, it can be placed in any position and space, and it can be charged quickly and efficiently using an integrated Battery Management System.

Cell balancing (also known as the BMS), which ensures that each of the cells in the battery receive the correct voltage, is integrated in the Ion Power Basic. The consumers and the charge system can be connected directly to the poles. In order to prevent deep discharge, it is beneficial to place a switch-off relay between the battery and the consumers. A bi-stable relay is offered as an option as well as the charge system, which can be in the form of a WhisperPower battery charger, a WhisperSolar panel or an alternator. For optimum results, the Ion Power Basic is best charged with a constant voltage of up to 100% full charge.

According to WhisperPower, the output voltage is constantly stable and the peak power remains high even if the battery is partially or almost completely discharged (flat charge-discharge curve). Other features include the fact that the battery is maintenance-free and does not have to be continuously connected to a (trickle) charger if the battery is temporarily not being used.

“The Ion Power Basic is an addition to our existing product range of industrial Ion Power batteries of 90 and 160 Ah with which larger systems of up to 100 kWh can be built,” says WhisperPower owner Roel ter Heide. “In the coming years, we will be expanding the range further so we can also deliver larger energy storage capacities.”