Manufacturer claims new technology leads to more efficiency, reduced fuel use, less wear, noise and vibration

WhisperPower has launched “twin-power technology” to double the nominal and peak power capacity of generators by connecting two with the same power rating in parallel.

WhisperPower 'twin-power technology'

WhisperPower ‘twin-power technology’

It says its range of patented, light-weight Genverters - variable speed diesel generators equipped with a permanent magnet alternator – is also available with twin-Power technology.

Netherlands-based WhisperPower makes hybrid power and propulsion systems as well as electrical systems for superyachts, commercial vessels, cars and isolated off-grid locations. Its power options range from 500 watts to 500 kW.

CTO Martijn Favot explains that traditional fixed speed generators are often over-sized as they must accommodate the maximum power of all combined AC equipment. “By connecting two Genverters in parallel … none, one or two Genverters are switched on,” he says. Favot says combining WhiperPower’s Genverter technology with its twin-power technology leads to more efficiency, reduced fuel use, less wear, noise and vibration, lower maintenance costs and longer engine life.

Also, running 2 smaller generators in parallel means that “in the event of a malfunction in one unit, there is always a back-up,” says Favot.

Genverters with a power capacity of 8, 10 and 15 kVA meet Stage V emission requirements, the strictest of its kind. By connecting 2 units in parallel, it is possible to assemble a system of up to 30 kVA that still meets the emission requirements. There are currently no Stage V systems of such capacity available in Europe.