Designed as a true offshore cruising cat, the new catamaran is about 6 tonnes, which is about 20% lighter than its predecessor Seawind 1160

Australia’s boatbuilder Seawind has expanded its product line with Seawind 1190 Sport. The new catamaran follows on from the design of the Seawind 1160, which some 150 are already on the water. The new cabin moulding and extended hulls combine to form a profile that looks much longer than its actual 300mm in extra length, the company says.

The ‘Sport’ variant of the range has daggerboards and lift up rudders rather than low aspect ratio keels, providing between 50 to 70 degrees higher pointing angle to windward.

Both the ‘Lite’ and the ‘Sport’ models use twin electrically raised 20hp outboards, instead of inboard diesels which provides a huge advantage in reduced drag and weight aft, the boatbuilder explains.

The rudders on the Sport are lifting foils similar to those fitted in the companies Corsair trimaran range. Seawind says that the efficient use of an appropriate family of tested components makes sense and also simplifies parts support.

Commenting on the new model, Seawind says: “The boat is about 6 tonnes, which is about 20% lighter than the original 1160. The big difference is that without the buoyancy of the hollow keels, and the diesel engines towards the stern, the weights, always relatively well centred, are now firmly where they belong.

“The weight savings have been achieved without sacrificing any strength of toughness in the build, but rather by reducing the resin content with the increasing application of resin infusion and careful quality control. In addition, unnecessary interior components have been eliminated.

In addition, Seawind has announced that it has recently entered into a new partnership with Doyle sails. Doyle supplies aramid sails included in the standard package and an asymmetric spinnaker, which is comfortable in anything between 900 and 1400 degrees apparent.

The Sport is also rigged for a Code Zero, with sheets coming back to sliding fairleads beside the cabin top.

The 1190 Sport with its daggerboards is offered in a three cabin owner version.

Seawind catamarans and Corsair Marine are 100% Australian owned. The yachts are manufactured at the company’s production facility in Vietman.