Autralian boatbuilder Riviera, claims its achieved 12 sales totalling A$21 million, in the past month immediately following the purchase of the company on March 8 by Longhurst Marine Holdings Pty Ltd.

Riviera’s Director of Brand and Sales Stephen Milne said this was a very encouraging sign for Riviera.

“Since returning to private ownership in early March, Riviera has secured 12 new boat sales over four weeks, which tells us that boating enthusiasts are very happy that we are independent and back in private ownership. Our new model development plan is underway and our future looks very promising, which has all contributed to the new boat sales in quick succession of our sale announcement,” Milne said.

Free of Receivership constraints, Riviera has set its course and is looking forward to a positive future as the company prepares for a round of upcoming boat shows, including the inaugural Riviera Festival and Boat Show in May.

Riviera CEO and veteran of 26 years with the company, Wes Moxey, said the strong sales result was a sign of confidence in Riviera.

“Since the sale of the company, Riviera is moving through a restructure and recapitalisation process to prepare for future growth, and so far we have been extremely pleased with these very definitive results,” Mr Moxey said.

The sales include six 53 Enclosed Flybridges, three 5000 Sport Yachts, one 63 Enclosed Flybridge, one 43 Open Flybridge and one 5800 Sport Yacht bound for destinations around Australia and the globe including America, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Sydney and Perth.