Dutch boatbuilder delivers hull #1 of the new 14m sport boat and announces that the owner of the second unit will take delivery of the boat in Ibiza next week. The VQ48 is an all-aluminium custom construction.

Vanquish Yachts in the Netherlands has delivered the first VQ48 sport boat to her owner in Saint Tropez. The 14m vessel was created in colaboration with Guido de Groot and Studio Delta.

The VQ48 is an all-aluminium custom construction and Wester Naval Architecture was involved in the project on pre production work of the aluminium.

The initial ideas were introduced to Vanquish owners looking for a blend of the best features of the VQ43 and the VQ50. This model features a smaller foredeck version of the VQ50’s dinette and the sunbeds found on the VQ43.

Other design highlights are the two specially developed helm seats, a large lounge sofa and an ingenious convertible top, which dispenses with the traditional tubes and braces normally seen on biminis.

The builder notes that the amount of plastic on board has been kept to a minimum with most components being hand-made in aluminium.

In addition to the customisation option, the boat features standard elements that stand out from other similar models, Vanquish claims.

“The VQ48 will set itself apart from other boats in its niche market through its low weight, leading to exceptional manoeuvrability, super-fast acceleration, low fuel consumption and an impressive top speed of well over 40 knots. It is also available in a VQ48 Veloce version, with an even more impressive top speed exceeding 50 knots,” the company says in a statement.

Another original feature on the VQ48 is the submarine folding anchor system. An electric anchor has been designed to fit within the lines of the underwater hull so that no chain or winch is visible when at anchor.

Commenting on the project, Menno van Dijk, Studio Delta director, says: “The VQ48 is a forerunner of a new breed of high speed, yet comfortable and very stylish day boats.

“We reconsidered our look at aluminium construction to achieve a very stiff structure, that also needed to match the weight requirement for these 40-plus knots yachts. Propulsion will be reviewed for every type to achieve maximum efficiency.”

Van Dijk says the the VQ48 is suitable as superyacht tender however it requires the mothership to be in the 100-plus size range. “If we find a superyacht builder that is capable of building these size of yachts and has an eye for innovation like Vanquish has, I do believe that would be a real first. We have contemplated the option once, and I believe it is feasible,” he notes.

Vanquish Yachts has also confirmed that hull #2 of the new VQ48 is due for delivery in Ibiza next week.