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IBI Market Overviews

Market Overview | Europe


Europe posted its fastest growth since 2007 as economic recovery consolidated and delivered real GDP growth of 2.6% in 2017. Against that backdrop, a return of consumer confidence and willingness to spend on discretionary items finally gave traditional boating markets in Europe the boost they needed to put boat sales ...

Market Overview | Germany


Confidence in Germany’s marine leisure industry is high and builders’ order books are full, but changing boat usage, dated business models, and an ageing demographic present both challenges and opportunities

Market Overview | France


A favourable wind is blowing for the French nautical industry. The many signs of growth were underlined in the positive report given by Yves Lyon-Caen at the traditional press conference at the beginning of December just before the opening of the Paris Nautic Boatshow. “We are experiencing a favourable national ...

Market Overview | Italy


The mood at Genoa in September said it all. The Italian market was back with a bang. Since 2015 domestic builders have had to make the most of rising export markets as they clawed their way back into the profit, but as the favourable economic tide lifts Italy off the ...

Market Overview | Netherlands Equipment


Dutch suppliers of marine equipment and accessories are reporting healthy sales in 2017, with demand for products that improve onboard comfort levels or lower the cost of boating coming from both the aftermarket and boatbuilders alike. According to national watersports association HISWA, equipment firms in the Netherlands grew sales by ...

Market Overview | UK


One of Europe’s biggest boat-producing countries, the UK industry registered its fifth year of growth in 2016 and the trend looks likely to have continued through 2017. Marine companies from all segments generated total industry sales of £3.01bn (€3.8bn) in 2016 – a 1.6% rise compared to the previous 12-month ...

RC-Production Line

Market Overview | South Africa

2019-08-16T14:49:00+01:00IBI , by Phil Draper

While catamarans are not the only pleasure boats built in South Africa, the market is clearly dominated by cruising cats – both big and small, power and sail

Finnish export stats

Small motorboats driving boat sales in Finland


New boat registrations saw a sigificant boost in the first half of the year, helped by warm, early Spring weather

Wells sign

Wells Fargo: US business owners bullish on current economic environment


New data from US financial services provider Wells Fargo shows US business owners across a broad spectrum of sectors reporting continuing revenue growth while demonstrating little concern that their businesses could be impacted by American trade policies.


Poland to launch new yacht registration system in 2020

2019-08-12T13:59:00+01:00IBI , by Jaroslaw Adamowski

Poland’s law on the registration of yachts and other craft of up to 24m (79ft) is set to enter into force on 1 January 2020, introducing new fees for local yacht owners and capping them based on a percentage of the country’s minimum wage.


Great Lakes marinas prepare to assess flood damage

2019-08-08T13:35:00+01:00IBI , by Craig Ritchie

Marina operators in one of North America’s premiere boating regions are hopeful that recent declines in water levels could signal the end of months of flooding and record-high water levels. Now, planning for the cleanup begins.

Wall Street

Boat stocks sink amid Wall Street fears

2019-07-23T13:24:00+01:00IBI , by Tony Esposito

Boating-related stocks took a beating Monday as analysts cut earnings and target estimates on the news of declining US boat sales, showing signs that the marine industry’s eight years of sustained growth could be nearing an end.

The Moorings

Leading boatbuilders to benefit from large-scale charter fleet order

2019-07-19T16:39:00+01:00IBI , by Arlene Sloan

The Moorings, Sunsail and Footloose have announced a $130m investment in new charter products by parent company Travelopia Yachts. Jenneau, Beneteau, Lagoon and Robertson & Caine are among the brands which will be receiving orders according to the charter operator

Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 11.03.50

Polboat president delivers Polish industry update


The Wind & Water boat show in Gdynia, on the shores of the Baltic Sea in northern Poland, opened yesterday with 100 exhibitors and 200 boats on land and on water. The show was met with glorious sunny weather coupled with a cool breeze – ideal for the show, which ...

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