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Market Overview | Netherlands


It’s no longer just the superyacht sector grabbing headlines; the Dutch market is back, with most sectors enjoying solid growth, though economic uncertainty continues to make sales hard won

Market Overview | USA Equipment


In spite of ongoing tariffs and trade disputes, the US marine equipment market continues to surge driven by unprecedented technological innovation

Market Overview | South Africa


While Catamarans are not the only pleasure boats built in South Africa, the market is clearly dominated by cruising cats – both big and small, power and sail

Market Overview | Europe


2019 looks set to be a decent year, but the threat of a ’No-Deal Brexit’ and a general global economic slowdown mean  prospects for 2020 look less rosy

Market Overview | New Zealand


Despite no longer being a force in big boat prodction, New Zealand’s industry remains in rude health, buoyed by a booming trailer boat sector and vibrant export-focused equipment manufacturers

Market Overview | South Korea


South Korea has matured over the past 10 years into a middle class boating market with an emphasis on small boats and sea fishing