D-Marin, the selection of premium marinas, will be presenting its marina innovations at this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival (Jetée 149), Genoa Boat Show (Sailing World, LP60), and Monaco Yacht Show (Albert 1 Area, AL13).

The marina network, which spans across seven countries in the Mediterranean and Gulf, will highlight its focus on customer service, introduction of new marinas, €10m investment in digital and innovation, commitment to environment, social and governance (ESG), and its ambitious strategy to acquire new marinas.

Since the last autumn boat show season in 2022, D-Marin has acquired five marinas across Spain, Italy, and Greece, which benefit from its ESG commitment to create sustainable marinas for present and future generations, and new digital marina experiences implemented across the selection. D-Marin has introduced Smart Pedestals to manage, monitor and optimise energy and water consumption, and Smart Sensors giving round-the-clock monitoring and real-time updates on a vessel’s status and safety. Its digital innovations are all connected by D-Marin’s bespoke app.

The team behind the industry leading marina operator will also be on hand to disclose insights, covering:

  • D-Marin’s perspective on the yachting market, including trends, opportunities, and consumer interest
  • Comprehensive analysis of consumer sentiments towards yachting and marina services
  • The services and facilities which attract yachting enthusiasts and travellers, leading to a 93% occupancy rate across D-Marin’s 20 marinas
  • The seamless integration of technology to streamline operations and provide convenience for customers

“We’re delighted to be presenting our premium marina offering to the visitors of Cannes, Genoa, and Monaco boat shows,” says D-Marin CEO Oliver Dörschuck. “Our team will be delighted to see you and explore how D-Marin can enrich your yachting experience.

“D-Marin is reshaping the marina industry standard with our unrivalled customer service, seamless digital experiences, and the positive environmental impact on the regions we call home. We look forward to sharing how we do this at the autumn boat shows.”

See D-Marin at:

  • Cannes Yachting Festival: 12-17 September (Jetée 149)
  • Genoa International Boat Show: 21-26 September (Sailing World, LP60)
  • September Monaco Yacht Show: 27 September-1 October (Albert 1 Area, AL13)